Dr TC.Tam (Ph.D)

Dr TC.Tam (Ph.D) is the President of the companies: Bio-Therapeutic Computers Limited and Full Comfort Technology (Group) Limited, Hong Kong.

His background as a professional Mechanical Engineer contributed to his strong interests in both Environmental Sciences as well as microcurrent therapy, a non-invasive way to improve healing of the body.

Dr TC.Tam (Ph.D) is a pioneer in introducing micro-current technology to Asia. Established since 1989, the company has sold thousands of professional microcurrent devices to beauty salons, spas and clinics in all over Asia. In 1990 Asian Games, Dr TC.Tam (Ph.D) was invited to be the Pain & Injury Medical Consultant for the Chinese Team.  Throughout the years, he has been invited to give countless seminars on Microcurrent Therapy all over the world. He is also on the board of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Qualification (A Government Certification Department) for subject specialist during the years 2006-2012.

In 2004, Dr TC.Tam (Ph.D) was awarded an Honorary Ph.D from Morrison University U.S.A. and Outstanding Overseas Chinese Award for his contribution to the Chinese society.



Chairman of Full Comfort Technology (Group) Ltd.
President of Bio-Therapeutic Computers Ltd
Chairman of Energy Conservation Technology (Hong Kong) Limited
Consultant of American Biotherapy System Asia Pacific Training
Diploma of German live cell therapy
Consultant of 1990 Beijing Asian Games pain treatment
Honorary Doctor of the University of Morrison
Bioenergy Self – Healing Therapy
International Sage Beauty Association Honorary Prime Minister
Honorary Prime Minister of Hong Kong Beauty Association
Hong Kong and Kowloon Chinese Medicine Association permanent members
2004 World Outstanding Chinese Award
Hong Kong Academic Accreditation Board (2006 – 2012)